First of All....Introduction :)

Hi Everyone,
This is my first ever post....first time blogging too. Welcome to Hazel and Cinnamon. I am a Doctor during the day( and many times at night too,sigh), die hard crafter, Pinterest addict and an avid DIYer( did i just make up that word?). Anyway, I've been rolling in the crafting scene for a while now and many people who see the stuff I make keep asking for tutorials on how to recreate them. However, many of those things were borne out of sometimes frustrating but many times fulfilling trial and error processes so I was clueless as to how to pass on the information.

Over the years, having discovered pinterest most especially, I have found some awesome crafting blogs and seen how tutorials are made. So finally, i can try my hand at making some of mine.Yaay!

Over here in Naija, my biggest challenge has been sourcing things i need to craft. Many times, I go to the market and ask for something and the seller stares at me like 'huh??' then I decide to look around the store anyway and then I will now find exactly what I'm looking for and behold, I am 'educated' on the Nigerian name for that thing.Lol! For instance, Interfacing is called ' Gum-stay'. Sometimes, I have to make do with something else or altogether source them from outside the country,sigh. Being the die hard crafter that I am, I have found things in unlikely places; for example floral wire in a baking store.I am going to share these with you as they are needed so you don't go to the market asking for something with its oyinbo name and end up getting it for double the price!

On that note, you would find that many things you need are actually within your home as well. In my next post, i would be giving beginner crafters tips and a list of basic things they would need on this awesome journey :)

Bear with me please, being new to this, my initial tutorials might look a bit sketchy but with your feedback, I promise to get better sooner than later.xx



  1. Very interesting read...impressive for a first timer. waiting for your next post. keep it up.

  2. IMO! You started a blog?! Great dea but you didn't mention it when we spoke :(


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