Making a COMEBACK!!!!!!

Happy new year(s) my lovelies. I cannot apologize enough for the protracted silence. I got busy tending to another baby who I shall tell you all about in a bit. asides that, life kinda took over. But I'm repackaging and rebranding and shall be back with a bang!

So about that ''baby''... Sometime last year, I found myself baking commercially. It's been a whirlwind journey with equal amounts tears and laughter with oodles of lessons learned. It pretty much took up my entire days and nights. Even when at my day job, half my mind is thinking up new baking adventures. One year down the line, I'm immensely grateful to God for the growth it has experienced and the many opportunities that have come my way.

Hazel's Sweet Things is here to stay (By God's Grace) and I would be taking you all on the ride along with me. With an initial plan to cater desserts for events, we have expanded to taking custom cake orders. Below are a few pictures of the journey so far. Find more pictures on our instagram page @hazelssweetthings  and please follow us as well :-)


I would be adding some baking tutorials and recipes on the blog subsequently. Stay Tuned!!!

See you soonest. xx



  1. Wow! I've gone through all your posts and I must say, you're such a great teacher. Please can you share with us how to make macaroons especially in Nigeria. I can't seem to get some stuff here. Thanks and God bless you!


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