Updated Ceiling Fan

A friend of mine told me that I speak too much grammar in my tutorials, Lol. So I'm going to try let the pictures do most of the teaching today. Luckily, today's tutorial is simple enough.

I needed some ceiling candy in my craft room, so when I was getting a ceiling fan installed I used the opportunity to get one. You can enlist the help of a manly man (wink) to get the blades down for you if yours is already installed. Oya let me stop my grammar already.

  You can make whatever pattern you like; Polka dot, chevron, stripes etc. I chose a herringbone pattern for mine. I plan on having lots of gold accents in the room so again, I chose my trusty gold spray paint.

Hope the pictorial below is lucid enough.

Have I been speaking too much English in my previous tutorials? Drop a line below to let me know.
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