2 Minute Earrings

Honestly, this shouldn't even be a tutorial. It's so ridiculously easy and blatantly obvious. I found a packet of lace pieces somewhere in my lair of odds and ends. I dipped my hand again into the lair and came up with a pack of earring findings. I was looking at both of them thinking I should make an earring and then probably applique the lace onto something, maybe a t-shirt .While pondering, the pin of the earring finding poked through the lace. I started to take it out but then what did I find? Lace earrings! The earring had poked through somewhere in the middle of the lace so I took it out and re-positioned it at the top of the lace and voila! Earrings!!!

Enjoy what's left of the public holiday. Thanks for stopping by.xx



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