Make Your Own Area Rug

Ever see  fancy  area rugs online and marvel at their steep prices? Of course if you ever find any of them locally, the price would almost certainly be triple. On occasion, I see beautiful fabric and think of how pretty it would be as a rug. I wondered how that would work and kept shoving the idea to the back of mind until I saw a particular fabric that I couldn't ignore. I just had to try. Surprisingly, it was super easy to do!
Now, this isn't a comfy rug for you to lie on but rather one to 'prettify' your space.

 What you would need;
  • Upholstery fabric ( The fibers are really thick and lend some weight to the rug)
  • Fusible wool interfacing (Called 'thick gum-stay' in Nigerian markets)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Energy! Lol

1) Cut out your fabric to your desired dimensions. It wouldn't hurt to iron it out before cutting :)

Fusible wool interfacing. It has two sides; the shiny one which is coated with adhesive and the plain side

2) I cut the interfacing 3 inches smaller than the fabric and placed the adhesive surface on the wrong side of the fabric.

3) After making sure you have eaten, use all the strength you can muster to iron the interfacing onto the fabric. Trust me, you need alooot of pressure. The wool is thick (obviously,lol) and burns easily so you have to use a medium-low heat setting of the iron. When the interfacing is adherent to the fabric, your work is done. If you aren't so patient and hate ironing like I do, concentrate more on the edges of the interfacing. Once the edges are stuck on, your work is mostly done. The essence of this step is so the fabric and the interfacing are seemingly 'fused' into one fabric, this way there are no folds on the surface of the rug.

4) Fold the edges of the fabric over the interfacing and iron the folds in place. Pin them to make the extra secure.

5) Sew round, and you are done!

This took me about less than an hour from start to finish. I spent maybe 40 minutes of that time ironing. Sigh.
I don't have a home yet for my rug though, I'm still trying to set up my little 'workshop' and it would fit perfectly there.
Thanks for stopping by.xx



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